Real Lean Transformation

Incorporating Lean Principles into Pharmaceutical QC Laboratory Design

The design, layout and placement of Laboratories have a significant impact on lab processes, behaviors and communications. A ‘good’ design will proactively support lean processes including, flow, visual management, standard work and excellence in workplace organization whereas a ‘bad’ design may actually create waste and make flow more difficult.

Incorporating Lean Principles into the design and layout of pharmaceutical labs will deliver significant operational benefits. BSM has collaborated with other Lab Design stakeholders including FLAD, JACOBS, FOSTER WHEELER and end users at Novartis to compile a unique white paper “Incorporating Lean Principles into Pharmaceutical QC Laboratory Design: building design influencing laboratory behaviours and effectiveness” outlining how labs can be designed to proactively support lean processes and operational excellence.

"By bringing together designers, users and lean experts, the NVD Lean Lab Design Workshop generated innovative approaches to incorporating support for lean processes and behaviors in the design and layout of lab spaces.  These went far beyond the obvious opportunities related to sample flow and analyst motion and have had a significant impact on Novartis thinking and approach to lab design. It has allowed us to develop guidelines that will help ensure that all new builds and refurbishments include design elements and approaches that pro-actively support our Lean Lab initiatives", commented Tanya Scharton-Kersten, Global Head of QC Laboratory Management, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics.

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