Real Lean Transformation

Lab Design to Support LEAN and Operational Excellence: Best Practices

Tom Reynolds, Operations Practice Director at BSM and Tanya Scharton-Kersten, Global Head, QC Laboratory Management Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics AG will present later today on 'Lab Design to Support LEAN and Operational Excellence: Best Practices' at the 2013 Laboratory Design Conference taking place in Houston, Texas.

Laboratory designs and layouts based on lean principles are inherently more efficient than traditional labs and require less space and resources for any given volume of work. A ‘good’ design proactively supports lean processes and excellence in workplace organization and cleanliness while a ‘bad’ lab design will actually create waste and add cost. A three zone arrangement has been developed which offers the flexibility to support testing, documentation tasks , project type work and community interaction. Configurable bench layouts are used to optimize testing work areas while still maintaining the flexibility to accommodate future changes in workloads and test methods.