Real Lean Transformation

New blog: Making sense of the chaos in Labs

To an outsider (and often even the insiders) laboratories can seem like a workplace hovering on the brink of chaos. The lab is constantly bombarded with hot requests for this lot or a special test for that project.  Investigations, vacations, changes in product, adjustments in mix, FDA inspections, equipment issues and narrowly specialized analysts can often add to this sense of chaos.  Usually it is difficult to see how work flows in the lab, if in fact it does flow.

One of the critical steps in creating a Lean Lab is separating the routine (or in some cases, the most routine) from the non-routine or non-predictable.

In this latest blog from Preston Chandler, Senior Consultant at BSM entitled 'Making Sense of the Chaos', Preston explores how your lab environment can be transformed. Shifting from an environment of chaos, to one that delivers smooth consistent performance, with the capacity to deal with the unexpected.