Real Lean Transformation


Published: 25 September 2014

Novartis Vaccines has applied a structured implementation of lean principles across Quality Control (QC) laboratories in Europe, India, China and the United States. The aim has been to significantly improve internal work processes, communications, customer interfaces, and operational performance. The development of Novartis Vaccines' lean lab guidelines were spearheaded by a team of users and consultants which included Tom Reynolds, Operations Practice Director at BSM. 

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Published: 8 September 2014

Galway based BSM Group have launched a ‘Charity of the Year’ initiative as part of its corporate social responsibility programme and to give something back to the community.  Each year employees will be given the opportunity to nominate their chosen charity.  BSM Group employs 35 people and the winning charity is chosen by employee vote.

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Published: 20 August 2014

Within the Life Science industry there has been a rapid expansion in generic manufacturing. With blockbuster brands coming off patent, generic products are now big business, but this expansion comes with growing pains.

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Published: 11 August 2014

Over 160 juniors competed from 18 clubs from all over Ireland in the BSM National Youth Championships hosted by Predator Triathlon Club on Sunday 4th August 2014 at Long Point, Loughrea, Co Galway This is the 8th time that Predator TC have hosted the event and the largest to date.

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Published: 6 July 2014

Cathal Boyce, Senior Consultant at BSM has just written a new blog entitled 'Importance of including Lab Planners when designing Lean Lab Solutions'. When designing lab solutions, Analysts, Lab Managers, Supervisors and Approvers are all important stakeholders.

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Published: 11 June 2014

Leading Real Lean consultants BSM, are delighted to annouce that they will again sponsor the 'BSM Triathlon Youth National Championships' taking place on Sunday 3rd August 2014. 

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Published: 12 May 2014

Managing changes to the content and format of product labelling is a key function within any Regulatory Affairs Organisation. Such functions are typically structured by therapeutic area, where each provides support for a reasonably small group of specific products.

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Published: 10 February 2014

Tom Reynolds has recently been appointed Managing Director at BSM. BSM is the global leader in the provision of Real Lean Transformation services to Life Science companies.

Tom joined BSM in 1999 and has over twenty years' industrial experience in operations and quality management.  Tom specialises in Lean Laboratory, Lean QA processes and Lean Manufacturing and has managed many successful global projects. 

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Published: 17 January 2014

BSM is a leading management and technology consulting company working with many of the world’s best companies. We specialize in the implementation of ‘Real Lean’ techniques in QC laboratories, QA-related processes and R&D Departments.

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Published: 5 November 2013

The ISPE Annual Meeting is taking place November 3-6, 2013 in Washington DC. This prestiguous event hosts 50 Solution-Focused Sessions, 150+ Innovative Exhibitors and over 200 expert speakers.

Tom Reynolds, Operations Practice Director at BSM is speaking in the session 'Lean Principles: QC Labs' today, Tuesday 5th November.  

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