Real Lean Transformation


Published: 1 December 2007

E&I Engineering Group, based in Donegal, are a leading manufacturer of electrical power solutions. The company designs, manufactures and commissions custom MV and LV Switchgear, Power Distribution Units and Energy Management Control Systems for customers throughout the UK and Europe.

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Published: 2 November 2007

BSM have just publised a new report 'Electronic Batch Records (EBR) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in the Life Science Sector 2007'. This is BSM's fourth report on EBR in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors. Again this year we have been impressed by the level of response to our survey, demonstrating a clear and continued interest in Batch Record automation and paperless manufacturing.

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Published: 17 September 2007

In recent years the incidence of fraudulent trade in pharmaceutical products has been on the increase globally, as evidenced by counterfeiting, reimbursement irregularities, tampering and expired products. In a number of countries, such as Italy and Belgium, governments have responded to this threat by introducing mass serialisation to combat (chiefly) reimbursement irregularities. In other countries, regulatory bodies, and governments are introducing many initiatives to facilitate greater security of pharmaceutical products, appropriate reimbursement and patient safety.

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Published: 27 August 2007

BSM are hosting a management briefing on the subject "Lean in the Lab - Give your Lab the Edge" at Organon, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday 19th September 2007.

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Published: 1 May 2007

BSM has recently appointed Frank Crewe as UK Business Development Director. Frank has over 25 years industry experience and has more recently worked in PA Consulting and Cap Gemini Ernst and Young in a number of senior consulting and business development positions throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

Frank will be responsible for business development activities at BSM but will also be spending some of his time working with client companies on information systems projects.

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Published: 3 April 2007

Due to continued growth, we now seek bright, dynamic individuals with excellent communication skills, who are able to meet the challenges of working to exacting standards and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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Published: 7 March 2007

Laboratories are not the same as manufacturing environments. While most of the key principles of traditional Lean still apply, there are many unique challenges involved in effectively implementing them in laboratories.


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Published: 10 November 2006

BSM are repeating its benchmarking survey to establish the level of activity in EBR within the Irish Life Science manufacturing sector. The three previous surveys and reports generated huge interest and provided excellent data on best practices and sector trends. The 2006/07 survey has been expanded to cover the area of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) which we feel is becoming of significant interest to many life sciences organisations. The report will include a section dedicated to a discussion of PAT.

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Published: 16 September 2006

BSM Management & Technology Consultants and GMIT have combined their talents to offer a unique programme of Training Workshops and On-Site Mentoring to build Innovation Capability within Organisations.

The aims of the programme are:

  • To help companies build their innovation capability and thereby improve their competitiveness.
  • To upgrade employee skills in areas of business where innovative solutions can be effectively applied or adopted.

The one-day workshops are as follows:

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Published: 27 February 2006

Given the effort that life science companies put into compiling and reviewing manual records and the typically poor 'Right First Time' performances achieved, it is no surprise that Electronic Batch Records (EBR) and Paperless Manufacturing is of huge interest. Although the rate of implementations in Ireland has been slow to date, this is set to change as the EBR concept matures and enabling software improves.


BSM are organising an Electronic Batch Records (EBR) and Paperless Manufacturing Briefing on Friday 31st March in the Great Southern Hotel, Dublin Airport.

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