Real Lean Transformation


Published: 1 September 2013

BSM’s ERP and CRM Consulting business is now trading as Lumenia Consulting. Lumenia is part of the BSM Group, and from 1997-2013 traded as BSM. Lumenia specialises in the development of business systems strategy and the selection and implementation of enterprise applications – particularly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

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Published: 14 August 2013

The BSM Youth National Championships took place on Sunday 4th August in glorious sunshine. What started as a perfect day just improved as the time passed. The warm, calm blue-flag lake and beautiful sunshine promised what was going to be one of the best race days at Loughrea, Galway. 

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Published: 26 July 2013

BSM have been pioneering applied research into the utilization of "Real Lean" methodologies to solve problems and generate efficiencies in Regulatory Affairs Operations (Reg Ops) in large life science companies. Operations from a Regulatory perspective encompasses the standard activ/real-leanities that accompany the filing of Regulatory submissions such as Labelling, Publishing, Production, Archiving etc. "Real Lean" is the term used to describe BSM's approach to implementing Lean in a wide variety of industrial settings. "Real Lean" has at its core a commitment to incorporate the key principles of Levelling, Flow and Standard Work as a basic operation system. 

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Published: 17 July 2013

Leading Lean and Independent ERP consultants BSM, are delighted to be the main sponsor of the BSM Youth National Championship triathlon event taking place on Sunday 4th August 2013.

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Published: 30 May 2013

Leading management and technology consultants BSM, have recently established a new wholly owned subsidiary and a full-time presence in India. BSM India Pvt. Ltd, with offices in New Dehli, will service the new opportunities that the Asia / Pacific market presents for BSM’s Real Lean services in life science QC Labs, QA processes, manufacturing and R&D labs.

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Published: 23 May 2013

To an outsider (and often even the insiders) laboratories can seem like a workplace hovering on the brink of chaos. The lab is constantly bombarded with hot requests for this lot or a special test for that project.  Investigations, vacations, changes in product, adjustments in mix, FDA inspections, equipment issues and narrowly specialized analysts can often add to this sense of chaos.  Usually it is difficult to see how work flows in the lab, if in fact it does flow. 

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Published: 7 May 2013

Gary Ryan has recently been appointed as Operations Service Manager at BSM. Gary joined BSM in 2008, holding a PhD in Chemistry and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  He has worked on major lean transformation projects at a number of pharmaceutical sites in Europe, North America, South America and Asia for clients such as Pfizer, Novartis, Merck  and Roche.

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Published: 11 April 2013

The design, layout and placement of Laboratories have a significant impact on lab processes, behaviors and communications. A ‘good’ design will proactively support lean processes including, flow, visual management, standard work and excellence in workplace organization whereas a ‘bad’ design may actually create waste and make flow more difficult.

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Published: 8 April 2013

Tom Reynolds, Operations Practice Director at BSM and Tanya Scharton-Kersten, Global Head, QC Laboratory Management Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics AG will present later today on 'Lab Design to Support LEAN and Operational Excellence: Best Practicesat the 2013 Laboratory Design Conference taking place in Houston, Texas.

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Published: 7 March 2013

BSM have published the next edition of its ERP Newsletter providing independent insight, best practice and news. This issue references many of our recent blogs and our participation on the forthcoming ERP Connect event and featured articles from IT vendors, providers and experts from around the world.

BSM FOCUS on ERP March Newsletter 2013

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