Real Lean Transformation

Environmental Monitoring

Client Environment

Biotechnology Site Environmental Monitoring



Site project in the United States



Our client, a leading pharmaceutical company, engaged us to help reduce their substantial overtime spending.


Solutions Deployed

  • Redesign of process flows to remove redundancies

  • EM and Water sampling plans designed to limit travel time and level number of samples collected daily

  • Queue-based leveling employed to reduce testing volatility

  • Cross-training plan implemented to reduce analyst test dedication

  • Created balanced, productive daily roles for analysts

  • Implemented a consumable inventory management system to control ordering and reduce the frequency of media receipt



  • Daily EM and Water sample collection volatility reduced by 83%

  • EM and Water sampling time reduced by 30-57%, respectively

  • Membrane filtration and spread pour plate reads reduced by 43%

  • Endotoxin testing runs reduced by 60%

  • Material ordering/receipt reduced by 45%

  • Growth promotion testing reduced by 53%

  • Cross training increase of 30%

  • Productivity increase of 50%

  • Released 1 FTE from sampling/testing to focus on studies/projects

  • Overtime reduced by 90%

  • Direct savings of >$200,000 per year