Real Lean Transformation

Change Control

The Change Control process suffers from many of the same symptoms as the Disposition and Deviation processes.

Problems we find in Change Control  

  • Long and variable lead times and target closure times 
  • No interim “process stage” targets
  • A lot of effort chasing sign-off
  • A lot of effort wasted in prioritizing?
  • Multiple sign-offs, therefore multiple delay and queue points
  • Volatile, unpredictable workloads
  • Variable resources
  • Resources busy doing other priority tasks.

The primary focus of a Real Lean project in Change Control is to address long lead times. But we also use levelling to make the execution of the workload as productive as possible. How do we do this?

Change Behaviour!

Focus on Leadtime

  • Fixed Weekly Review Meeting to drive closure – all stakeholders pre-read relevant documentation, and sign-off together, with consensus.
  • Use of designates or “loss of approval” if main approver is not available.

Focus on Productivity

  • Daily/Weekly Triage of workload to distribute effort evenly
  • Agreed milestone targets for Change Control stages
  • Use rules to establish “real” priorities – use Must Start, or Must Finish dates.