Real Lean Transformation

Lean and Operational Excellence Programs

BSM helps organisations set up and run Lean and Operational Excellence programs. Generally these are corporate initiatives affecting many sites in a variety of geographical locations.

Lean programs are by no means generic. Some organisations or sites are under severe competitive pressure and need to achieve results quickly while others are more interested in building the capability of the organisation with a view to meeting longer term challenges. Really these are opposite ends of a spectrum, and the kind of Lean Programme which meets needs at one end of that spectrum may be profoundly unsuitable at the other end. We use our vast experience to assess where an organisation lies on this spectrum and design an approach which meets that organisation’s unique needs.

The BSM team is uniquely expert in the application of Lean techniques in Life Science and Food and Beverage companies. Every programme begins with an assessment or ‘diagnostic’ phase – our familiarity with the sector, and our deep expertise and experience in the application of Lean techniques, allows us to quickly identify and validate improvement opportunities and create a future vision of a value stream which is often unrecognisable when compared to the current reality. However our real value add is our ability to help the client to make that vision a reality. This is no idle boast – we encourage you to ask our clients!