Real Lean Transformation

Organisational Design

BSM uses its Ideal Future Organisation (IFO) methodology to help the world’s leading Life Science companies to ‘lean’ their organisation structures in:

Lean Organisation is a key element of what BSM calls ‘Real Lean’, as is Goal Deployment. Both have intrinsic links with the following Real Lean practices:

  • Levelling
  • Flow
  • Standard Work
  • Visual Management.

The most common IFO themes are:

  • Simplify
  • Less hierarchy
  • Less duplication
  • More support
  • More ownership.

BSM’s IFO methodology is based on a mixture of analysis, one-to-one sessions and management team workshops. The Workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1: Opportunities for Change
Workshop 2: Concept Design and Assignment of ‘Owners’
Workshop 3: Detailed Design
Workshop 4: Implementation Planning
Workshop 5: Series of Implementation Management Sessions.