Real Lean Transformation

Rhythm Wheel Implementation

A truly "Lean" Value Stream will deliver better customer service than its "mass production" counterpart. Not only that, but it will do so while holding less inventory. This is achieved partly by creating flow to reduce manufacturing leadtime, but also by making the right product in the right quantity at the right time. All Real Lean solutions are built on the fundamental principles of Levelling, Flow and Standard Work.

BSM helps companies to develop planning processes which:

  • Address varying levels of demand volatility
  • Ensure that a steady volume and mix of product is "launched" every day to optimise the performance of constraint operations
  • Optimise the sequence in which products are manufactured
  • Minimise output volatility
  • Minimise expediting
  • Integrate perfectly with Lean techniques for controlling flow.

Lots of consulting organisations talk about Lean techniques, but rarely support the implementation of anything but the tired old MRP based solutions we’re all too familiar with and wouldn’t be touched, unless with a barge pole, by any truly Lean company. BSM are different – why not ask our clients?