Real Lean Transformation

Site Op Ex Scans

Before launching a full-scale Operational Excellence programme, a site should really have a clear view of:

  1. What kind of improvements are achievable.
  2. What process and organisational changes will be required to deliver those improvements.
  3. What resources will be required to design and implement those changes.
  4. How long it will take.

BSM’s Site Operational Excellence Scan delivers the answers to those questions.

The main steps in an Operational Excellence Scan are as follows:

  1. We ask the client to compile data for us and to prepare a schedule of interviews.
  2. Initial Scan: we analyse the data and interview the people
  3. Detailed Scan: we investigate the main apparent opportunities in detail.
  4. Management Workshop: we present the outputs to the Site Management Team. They are typically as follows:

         a.     Analytical outputs.
         b.     Concept Design for improved end-to-end processes.
         c.     Projected benefits.
         d.     Proposed plan for Detailed Design and Implementation.